The new terminal at Berlin airport was finally completed and approved by local authorities overseeing construction.

Initially, the new airport was scheduled to open in 2011, but now an official opening is scheduled for October 2020. Last week, the German technical inspection approved the operation of the airport starting this fall.

The opening of the airport only in the autumn comes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, because some site works were temporarily stopped during this period, because one of the workers was found positive with Covid 19.

Eight years ago, Lufthansa prepared its planes, and Chancellor Angela Merkel was lined up for the ribbon-cutting ceremony – everything was ready for the opening of Berlin’s state-of-the-art airport on June 3, 2012: except for the airport itself.

The airport is located in the south of the capital Berlin, called Berlin Brandenburg. It will virtually replace the two airports now operating in the city, namely Tegel and SchΓΆnefeld.

Berlin Airport was started for construction 14 years ago, but due to multiple problems with management, financing, design and more, it is one of the bad examples of delayed and delayed work.

During all this time, the airport was used only for an Expo center in the air show built especially near the airport in 2012. This year, however, the event will be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has also been used for aircraft parking, when certain airlines such as Air Berlin, Lufthansa or EasyJet needed it, especially during the current crisis when most aircraft are stagnant.

The initial construction budget of the airport was 2.83 billion euros, which in time amounted to 7 billion euros so far. The important thing is that, in the end, it will operate according to the current new technological standards and that passengers will be able to enjoy a new airport in Germany.

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