Unfortunately, no one can predict how aviation will resume following the coronavirus pandemic. It is speculated that protective masks will be worn from the entrance to the airport, that they will be disinfected by hand at the hands of passengers, that the most affected surfaces and many others will be constantly disinfected.

But the seats in the aircraft cabin must be spaced apart, so that social spacing solutions must be found that are both comfortable and attractive. Several possible options are taken into account, such as the row with three seats and the middle row to be turned facing the direction of travel. Another option would be to implement a protective shield for each seat.

However, what the airlines want is not a complete redesign of the cockpit or the installation of new seats, but rather a kit that is easy to assemble and disassemble, whenever necessary. Of course, all solutions are generally addressed to the economy class.

PlanBay is a project that consists of a protection panel mounted on the middle seat with a glass partition wall and another support in the back. The structure fits very well in the middle seat, the empty one, but at the same time the passengers can see each other while keeping the social distance. Such a panel is not much different from one in business class, where people travel a lot in the interest of business. This panel would be simple to install, easy to produce and relatively low cost.

The project also includes a dividing panel from the front and rear. For example, if there are no such protective measures, when one behind you sneezes, there is a risk of contamination with the new coronavirus.

The idea of ​​this detachable kit is very well received, given that the measures, at least for now, would be temporary. However, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) would not have received this proposal very well, recommending rather face masks.

But experts say that the way passengers travel by plane will change irrevocably and people’s expectations will be very high and probably with regulations that will be forever, not just temporary.

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