Every day, people ask dozens of questions about coronavirus, especially those who used to travel often by plane. A common question is how dangerous it is to travel by plane during this period. Or what can we do to reduce the risk of infection during a flight?

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, people have gradually begun to panic, until most states have reached a state of emergency, in which all flights have been canceled or postponed. In some states, whether in Europe, Asia or the Americas, the aviation industry has fallen by more than 95% because governments have banned entry or exit from the country by air.

These restrictions started in January in China and continued gradually to Europe in Italy, France, Spain, Romania, Germany, Great Britain, etc., and in America. Today, however, most states have begun to relax security measures, they have gradually begun to resume their daily activities, because the economy suffers greatly from these slowdowns in activities.

However, specialists do not recommend travel unless absolutely necessary, much less travel by plane if you are sick or have a temperature. Thus, even if some restrictions are lifted, it is not yet recommended to fly or travel by other means of public transport, unless it is absolutely necessary and under the utmost caution. We still need to be vigilant in spreading the coronavirus, so this is not a good time to take a vacation in Tenerife or Dubai, for example, and rather an intimate family vacation near your personal home.

If it is absolutely necessary to travel, you must wear a mask and gloves to prevent the disease and respect the conditions of social distance, even if the risk is not completely diminished.

For a self-assessment, if it is really smart to take a flight now, you should consider the following aspects: age, if you suffer from comorbidities, medical history and other risk factors that could lead to severe complications if you become infected with coronavirus. Last but not least, it is important to self-assess your own risk tolerance and inconveniences. Some states still restrict access to the country with a quarantine period of 14 days, during which time your health is constantly monitored.

Traveling by plane in these times is stressful. You don’t know who you are sitting next to, who is sitting next to you or what health problems they may have. So, if travel is absolutely necessary, make sure that you will be able to adapt to the conditions of social distance, maximum caution and mental stress during the trip.

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