According to statistics, airlines spend more than $ 10 billion a month to fly empty planes. However, this cannot continue indefinitely, companies must resume their activity in order to survive this colossal economic stalemate.

Globally, airport terminals are almost empty, people are horrified to start resuming their boron activity by plane, although in some countries this is already allowed. However, airlines take all possible precautions, from disinfection and disinsection, to social distancing by filling capacity to only 60-70%. Also, boarding planes is much more difficult, precisely in order to reduce interactions between passengers.

After each flight, the seats and trays on the plane are sanitized. However, the aircraft cabins are almost empty. The Transportation Security Administration recorded a minimum of approximately 87,500 daily commuters in America, 2.2 million fewer passengers than on the same day in 2019. Moreover, Americans are confident that they can fly without the risk of infection.

In the last 5 years, airlines have flown at 85% capacity, earning record profits. But now, in order to get passengers to fly again, airlines have to substantially reduce ticket costs in order to regain their passengers.

The only and best way to get passengers to fly is to ensure as much as possible all the rules and measures to prevent the spread and infection with coronavirus, so that people regain the confidence to go out in public.

Thus, wearing a protective mask is mandatory from the moment you enter the airports and they may have personnel or robots to take your body temperature. All the most used surfaces are frequently sanitized and disinfected, in some airports even by specialized robots that spray disinfectant solution on the corridors of the terminals. Of course, in the end passengers are directly responsible for how they behave and how they protect themselves to avoid coronavirus infection during a flight.

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