These days, when the coronavirus pandemic is still present worldwide, which is why airlines are still suffering, others are even in financial collapse. Many flights are canceled, postponed or performed with an almost empty cabin.

However, if the cabins were full, how would the social distance, recommended for the prevention of coronavirus infection, be possible? Often, photos of planes full of passengers appear on social networks, violating the rules of social distance. This can only be false news, because air traffic decreased by almost 90% compared to last year in the same period.

In order to respect social distance, some airlines consider canceling the middle seat in aircraft that have three seats next to each other. Others allow passengers to pay an extra seat just to keep it free for them. Most require the wearing of protective masks from the moment they enter the airports.

The number of passengers traveling globally has indeed increased since the end of April. However, the percentage is 93% lower than the same period last year. And the growth will not be the same in the next period, experts say. Thus, on domestic routes where there were various companies, now probably the number of flights will be limited to two or three airlines.

In terms of social distance, Delta Air Lines, for example, mentioned that by June 30, it will block the middle seat with a glass panel, occupying the cabin in a percentage of only 67%. Frontier Airlines said that by August 31, it will guarantee passengers that they will have an empty seat next to them if they pay an additional fee of between $ 39 and $ 89. However, this idea of ​​additional charging is not the best, as passengers are not very willing to bear additional charges, so most likely, the loss will be suffered by the company.

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