The largest electric aircraft in the world flew for the first time, on Thursday, a record time of 30 minutes. The aircraft manufacturer is magnaX and posted the record on social networks.

The electric aircraft can carry up to 9 people. It first appeared in 2009 and according to the official website, its team includes members from companies such as Airbus, Boeing, Google-X, SpaceX and Tesla.

The current demonstration was in fact a continuation of the one in December 2019, when a smaller electric plane flew for 15 minutes.

MagniX and Harbor announced for the first time their plans to become partners and make Harbor “the world’s first electric airline” in March 2019.

Roei Ganzarski, the company’s CEO, told The Guardian that production and cost could be 50% lower than conventional fuel-powered aircraft. But some people wonder why the flight time is so short with an electric plane. If fuel planes are able to fly very long distances, electric planes do not yet have this capability.

MagniX is one of the many sustainable aviation start-ups that work on retransmitted or from scratch, conventional concepts with fixed wings to reduce emissions, reduce operating costs. Leaders in this field see the future of sustainable aviation for electric batteries, hydrogen fuel cells and other solutions for different types of aircraft and missions.

Specialists also believe that electric aircraft can reduce aircraft costs by 50-55%, with battery replacement costs being the biggest limiting factor in reducing additional costs.

Therefore, because economic operators are forced to compete with low prices for flight tickets, specialists believe that electric aircraft are a significant boost in the industry to be able to make complete electric flights in time.

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