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British Airways flight compensation

Over 40 million passengers travel with British Airways each year. The largest UK airline has a fleet of over 270 aircraft that operate on route to more than 200 destinations worldwide. You booked your air journey with this airline, and you experienced delayed/cancelled flight? Learn how to get your money back and claim flight compensation from British Airways.

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Your British Airways travel arrived late – are you entitled to flight delay compensation?

Great Britain’s flagship airline has both international and domestic flights to 75 countries across the globe. Whether you travelled for business or leisure, British Airways owes you reimbursement if your flight was delayed or cancelled and it was the airline’s fault. According to European legislation EU261 from 2004, the rights of air passengers who travel from or to a European destination are protected, and you can receive flight compensation up to €600.

When are you entitled to claim flight delay compensation?

  • You’ve checked in for your booked flight on time – no less than 45 minutes before departing.
  • You’ve reached your final destination with more than 3 hours delay than the original time of arrival.
  • British Airways airline is responsible for the delay.

Statistics show that the British Airways punctuality fluctuates. If you experienced a delayed flight or your boarding was denied due to overbooking, you should request flight delay compensation from British Airways.

Keep copies of your travel documents (E-ticket, ID or passport, boarding pass, and booking confirmation) along with the response of the airline declaring the reason of the delay, your expenses, and any communication documents between you and British Airways. Note the flight numbers and dates, and if you can the scheduled departures and arrivals, the actual departure times and arrivals (thus, the length of the delay), as well as the airports from where you left and arrived. Have an elaborate database of the actual flight schedules and weather conditions – this way, your chance of receiving reimbursement for delayed flight increases.

What to do to claim flight cancellation compensation

Did British Airways inform you of the cancellation 13-7 days before the scheduled date of your flight? They should compensate you even though they offer re-routing, and the flight departed no more than 2 hours before the original flight, or you reached to the final destination less than 4 hours after the scheduled arrival. The regulation EU261 also states that if you are informed of the cancelled flight less than 7 days before the scheduled time of your booked flight, and your re-routed plane leaves no more than 1 hour before the original trip or arrives at the airport less than 2 hours after the scheduled time of arrival, British Airways must provide flight cancellation compensation.

Know your rights and claim British Airways flight compensation! Send the copies of your travel documents of the airline to us, together with the compensation letter for delayed/cancelled flight. The AirClaim team recommends communicating with them about the airline via e-mail, as you can keep track of all messages in case your claim is rejected, and you want to address the Civil Aviation Authority. Does it take too long to settle an agreement with the British Airways customer relations department? Contact AirClaim, and learn how to claim flight compensation like a pro!


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