In the age of technology, airline ticket information is just a few clicks away. However, there are many variables that can influence the cost of an airline ticket. Curious about when is the best time to book a flight? Do you know how to navigate the many booking sites to find the best deals? The answers to these questions and more await you in the following paragraphs.

Factors influencing air ticket prices

Calculating the price of an airline ticket is not an exact science, but rather a complex art, influenced by a multitude of factors. Each airline has its own algorithm, but most take the following elements into account:

  1. Base price:
    This is where the company’s commercial strategy, the operational costs of the flight in question and the demand for the chosen destination come into play.

  2. Fuel tax
    : a fluctuating factor, dependent on the global oil price.

  3. Airport taxes:
    Each airport has its own charges, which can vary significantly.

  4. The seat on the plane:
    More spacious seats or those at the exit may be more expensive.

  5. Luggage:
    The amount and type of baggage you choose can influence the final price of your ticket.

  6. Booking time:
    Tickets purchased well in advance of the flight may be cheaper, while those purchased at the last minute may be significantly more expensive. Airlines use dynamic pricing strategies, adjusting the cost of tickets according to market demand. A trip scheduled over two weeks may cost more than one scheduled over two days, as the former is considered to be in higher demand.

  7. Day of the week:
    Weekend flights may be more expensive due to increased demand from tourists.

  8. Promotions and special offers:
    Airlines may periodically offer discounts and promotions to attract customers and fill empty seats on the plane.

If your flight is cancelled, you are entitled to compensation for the cancelled flight. This compensation may vary depending on the destination, the duration of the flight and how far in advance the cancellation was announced.

On which day of the week can you buy your flight tickets at no extra cost?

Tickets without surcharge

You may have often wondered what day of the week to buy your flight ticket to get the best price. Well, the week is full of cost pitfalls, but also opportunities to grab a good deal.

Mondays, Fridays and Sundays are usually the busiest. Many travellers choose to fly on these days, either because they are starting or finishing a working week, or because they want to make the most of the weekend. Airlines are therefore taking advantage of this growing demand and raising prices. So if you want a cheaper ticket, avoid scheduling your flights on these days!

Instead, the days of
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
are more budget-friendly. Demand is lower these days, so airfares are more affordable too.

How many days before the trip is it recommended to buy a plane ticket?

Guys in the airport

Buying a plane ticket requires careful planning and an understanding of price dynamics. Your first option is to contact a travel agency. With their complete packages including airfare, hotel accommodation and airport transfer, you could benefit from lower costs. Travel agencies often benefit from promotional costs from airlines, which can be an attractive option for you.

However, if you prefer to buy your own ticket, you need to know when is the ideal time to do so. Studies show that the ideal time to buy a plane ticket is about
57 days before your flight
. This is an average term as there are fluctuations depending on the race, operator and route. In general, prices start to fall 180 days before the flight, reaching their lowest level 57 days before the flight, after which they start to rise. As the flight date approaches, prices will be higher. If the 21-day pre-flight deadline is reached, ticket prices will be significantly higher. [1]

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It’s important to take this dynamic of airfares into account when planning your trip. If you buy your ticket well in advance, you can find cheaper deals and avoid price increases that occur close to the flight date.

Tricks to keep in mind

We know, you want to find the best deals on flights. But with so many variables and strategies, the process can become quite confusing. So, keep in mind the following tricks to get the most convenient prices.

  1. You are using the incognito function of your browser. When you browse the internet, websites store cookies that allow them to track your activity. For example, if you return to a particular website to check the price of an airline ticket, the site might show you a higher price than on your first visit. With the incognito function, you can avoid this cookie-based price increase.
  2. Use price comparison services. There are many websites and apps available that allow you to compare airfares from different airlines.
  3. Set price alerts. Many travel providers offer the option to set price drop alerts. This is a great strategy to keep up to date with the latest offers and take advantage of them as quickly as possible.
  4. Participate in airline loyalty programs. They can offer significant discounts and other benefits to loyal customers.

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Remember, every journey is unique and requires a personalised approach. There is no universally valid recipe for getting the cheapest air tickets. But with a little patience, research and using the recommendations provided here, you’ll be able to find the right one for your needs. We wish you pleasant travels and substantial savings!


[1] Perry, Tod. “A Study Found the Best Times to Purchase Plane Tickets.” Upworthy, Upworthy, 8 Dec. 2023, Accessed 10 Apr. 2024.