Your flight number is one piece of the puzzle that makes your journey through the air possible. This is a unique, alphanumeric code assigned to each flight that serves as a kind of DNA for your journey. But why is this flight number so important?

What is a flight number?

You open your booking confirmation email and are met with a series of numbers and letters, including an alphanumeric code –
flight number
. This is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to each flight operated by an airline. It is an essential tool for identifying and differentiating each flight.

The flight number allows passengers, airline staff and air traffic control to distinguish between different flights by identifying
specific route, departure time and airline

For example, flight number BA283 indicates that the flight is operated by British Airways (BA) on the London-Los Angeles route, and flight number 283 is assigned to the specific flight.

Here are the most common airline codes:

Code Airline
W Wizz Air
EN Tarom
EN Ryanair
LH Lufthansa
FL FlyDubai
AZ ITA-airways

Odd and even numbers in the flight code are used by airlines for internal organisational purposes. However, you can identify the type of flight you have with their help.

Let’s take an example:

Route Bucharest – Norway – Bucharest

Time Departure Time Arrivals
07:50 W47079 12:25 W47080

Odd numbers indicate the departure flight and even numbers the arrival flight.

Where is the flight number?

The answer is simple:
On the e-ticket, in the booking confirmation email or on the boarding pass.

The flight number usually appears in the flight itinerary, along with details such as the departure and arrival points. In some cases, the flight number may also include the airline code. For example, if you fly with Lufthansa, your flight number might appear as LH 191. When you return, your flight number could be LH 199.

The flight number is not private. Unlike other travel information, the flight number is public and can be found on the airline’s website, the airport’s website, airport display screens and even in search engine results. This is also why we can immediately determine whether you are eligible for compensation in case of flight delay or cancellation – we can find all the information about EU air carriers in a few moments.

Flight number VS booking code

The flight number and the booking code, although they may seem similar, have different roles.

  • The flight number is like a flight ID – it identifies a specific airline flight and its route. It always consists of two parts – an airline code and a numeric component.
  • The booking code is a unique code associated with your specific booking. This is essential for managing your travel booking, as it allows the airline to identify the specific details of your booking and allows you to amend your travel details if necessary.

For example, a flight number for an American Airlines flight might look like “AA1234”. This helps you identify the flight you’re looking for at the airport or on the airline’s website. While a booking code might be “XYZ123”. This is the code you will use when you check your booking or make changes to it.

Importance of flight numbers

Electronic flight ticket

Your flight number plays an important role in your travel experience.

flight identification
is done by this unique number. It’s like a fingerprint for every flight, providing a way to distinguish one flight from another. It helps you track your flight, find out details such as departure time, flight duration and destination.

Secondly, the flight number is essential for
booking management
. It allows you to check in online, change flight details or request special services. If you need to change your reservation, the flight number is what allows the airline to locate your specific reservation in their system.

Coordination with other airport services
is also facilitated by the flight number. This includes baggage handling, catering and transport to and from the airport. The flight number is used by airlines and airport staff to track and coordinate these services for each flight.

the flight number is essential in emergency situations or flight irregularities
. In the event of delays, cancellations or flight disruptions, the flight number is what allows you to file a claim or ask questions of the airline or travel agency.

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