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Czech Airlines flight compensation

Although the airline staff does everything necessary to get you to your destination within a set amount of time, sometimes delays and cancellations occur. Perhaps your boarding was denied due to overbooking in a Czech Airlines air trip. What are the rules you should know before writing your flight compensation claim to Czech Airlines?

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Check if you have the right to claim flight delay compensation

The national airline of the Czech Republic has the head office in Prague and operates domestic and international flights to over 30 destinations. The modern fleet of Czech Airlines includes 17 aircraft which transported approximately 3 million passengers in the last year. Where you one of these travellers and the airline disrupted your flight? You should check the AirClaim calculator to find out how much should the airline compensate you.

The specialists from AirClaim explain that air passenger rights involve specific laws – EU261 – that protect those who travel by aircraft. Furthermore, these laws advocate protection and reimbursement up to 600 EUR when the airline fails to bring passengers to their destination on scheduled time. If you had a booked flight with Czech Airlines and your air trip was delayed by more than 3 hours, you are entitled to claim flight delay compensation.

You have the right to be compensated when your air journey was delayed, cancelled, or overbooked. To get back what is yours, you must get in contact with Czech Airlines and get a written response with the cause of the flight delay. Then, note the exact length of the delay, the distance of travel, and the time when you informed about the disruption. You can submit your own flight delay compensation claim and send it to Czech Airlines, or let the AirClaim team do all the leg-work and increase your chances of receiving reimbursement.

Why should you claim flight cancellation compensation with AirClaim?

If your air travel was cancelled within 2 weeks of the scheduled departure, you are eligible for flight cancellation compensation. The entire process of claiming what is yours can take up to several months. Hire AirClaim for this job, and we will enforce your rights to the airline.

Our team of experts will make your flight cancellation claim and give the air company a strict term to pay compensation. You will not have to do anything, nor attend to court – AirClaim will issue legal procedures against Czech Airlines and help you to get reimbursement in the shortest possible time.

Other reasons to hire AirClaim?

  • We will help you to understand your air passenger rights
  • We will do all the leg-work
  • The airline might reject your claim, but our experts can tackle bureaucratic hurdles
  • Your money will arrive straight into your bank account
  • The entire process of claiming and receiving reimbursement is shorter than you would expect

Do you need to request flight compensation from Czech Airlines? Discuss with the AirClaim professionals, fill in your details on the calculator, and find how much you will receive for your delayed or cancelled flight. Hire AirClaim now, and get the money you deserve!


Let the experts from AirClaim handle your situation professionally! We will help you to fill the compensation form and get back what is yours. Submit your information on our reimbursement calculator, and find how much Austrian Airlines should offer you as flight compensation!

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